3D & Animation

Alive in 3D

Characters in 3D and moving images; a growing market with endless possibilities. Edo Draaijer Studios provides characters for commercial purposes like advertising, but also for animations films, websites, apps and games. Besides this a digital skeleton for the figure can be designed and animated and then be placed into the environment This way your character will really come to life. Are you ready to meet your new best friend in 3D? Edo Draaijer Studios will blow life into your fantasy.


3D sculpting

For a few years now Edo Draaijer Studios has been developing characters in 2D but especially 3D, using the latest software and hardware. Creating 3D characters requires a different sort of drawing style, line play and dimensions. For this Edo Draaijer Studios uses a high end 3D sculpting program which makes it possible to view the character from all sides. The result: a powerful character with lots of depth that can be used as well as a logo as an animation.

Art work