Caricatures from photos

Edo Draaijer Studios creates caricatures based on photo's for both companies and private individuals. By supplying a number of photos of your spouse, colleague, sporting buddy or a good friend, Edo Draaijer Studios will then transform them into a hilarious caricature, 
magnifying certain features of the face. There is also the possibility of adding a number of elements, which are typical of the person in question. Work or hobbies for example. The caricatures are supplied in A3 format and are sent by certified mail to the given address in Holland and all over the world. There is also the option of receiving a framed caricature. We supply high quality aluminum frames, including a tailor made passé-partout. The perfect custom made gift.


From the Queen to Stephen King

Edo Draaijer is specialized in making top quality caricatures of celebrities in different situations for companies, newspapers, magazines and websites. The high degree of detail and likeness in the caricatures of Edo Draaijer Studios makes them perfect for a spread in for example a glossy magazine. Do you wish to compliment your article in a light hearted way with a picture of a famous or less famous person? Mail us your request and we will see how we can help you. Possibilities are international celebrities such as Albert Einstein and Morgan Freeman, but also Dutch celebrities such as entertainer Theo Maassen, tv celebrity Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and prime minister Mark Rutte have been caricatured by Edo Draaijer Studios. A small selection of our caricatures can be found below.

Art work