Play the lead in your own cartoon

Edo Draaijer Studio also provides cartoons for companies, for example for internal communication, advertising or trade magazines. Whether the approach is humoristic, informative or inspiring, Edo Draaijer Studios supplies cartoons completely based on your message and wishes. It is also possible to hire Edo Draaijer on location. Cartoons can be made on the spot at for example seminars and brainstorming sessions about the discussed subjects. An original way to summarize your story in a light hearted way. Let Edo Draaijer attend your organizations meetings and your company will play the lead role in a series of custom made cartoons.


Humoristic view on news

Edo Draaier Studios provides cartoons based on current events for various media, both offline and online. Noteworthy events and news are shown in a sharp and witty form. For various newspapers and websites Edo Draaijer shows his vision on current events through means of cartoons in his own humoristic and sometimes absurd way and style. His cartoons are sometimes in your face, sometimes very subtle and at other times totally ridicilous, but always sharp and humoristic. Shown below is a small selection of recent cartoons about the world news.

Art work