Character design

Your own ambassador

Ronald McDonald, the Michelin-man, the independer robot; lots of companies use appealing characters to promote their product or service. Looking for a special character or animal to give your product or service an extra boost? Edo Draaijer Studios creates custom made 'ambassadors' for brands, companies and government campaigns. If desired we can also create a complete living environment for the character. Your fantasy come to life as a perfect spokesman for your comany or product.


Fairy tales and games

Looking for illustrations for a children’s book? Let us design a colourful fairytale like world which every child will adore!Or does your website need a fun character? We will create the best designs for you. Besides characters for promotion tools, Edo Draaijer Studios creates characters for animation films, apps and games, These characters can be drawn in both 2D and 3D. A complete living environment can be developed or artwork of an existing character can be extended.

Art work